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Sunday, May 2, 2010

'Emeralds for Elephants' collection to hit London

source : nationaljewelernetwork.com
April 23, 2010

Designed by Sabine Roemer, the "Emerald Queen" featuring a 679-carat emerald will be one of 250 elephant statues that will be displayed in London this summer and will also be the highlight of a pop-up collection of bespoke emerald jewelry opening at Selfridge's in London next month.

London--Over the years, Chicago residents have strolled past life-sized "Cows on Parade" statues and Washington, D.C., denizens have corralled "Party Animals," an outdoor art exhibit of brightly decorated elephant and donkey statues. Now, Londoners will greet a vivid herd of elephant statues all their own, including one featuring a staggering 679-carat emerald.

In May, the "Emerald Queen," a life-size fiberglass elephant designed by U.K. jeweler Sabine Roemer, will debut in the Wonder Room of London-based department store Selfridge's. Decorated with Zambian emerald dust and featuring a hefty oval-shaped emerald as a headdress, the Emerald Queen will serve as the highlight of "Emeralds for Elephants," a pop-up collection of bespoke jewelry created by eight renowned designers.

The Emerald Queen is one of 250 elephant statues set to be displayed around London, from May through July 2010, as part of an effort to create public awareness about the plight of the endangered Asian elephant and to raise more than $3 million for the cause. ...


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