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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Jewelry Art Awards 2009 of Jewelry Artist Magazine

The 2009 Jewelry Arts Awards

Jewelry Artist magazine's annual competition yields 10 outstanding winners

Pins & Brooches


Naomi Sarna
First Place, Pins/Brooches
(Also Best of Competition)
32mm x 23mm. 18K gold, Chinese freshwater pearl, VS diamonds, Montana sapphires, Contra-luz opals, Imperial topaz. Handmade lost-wax gold setting surrounding pegged and epoxy-set pearl. All stones are pave set with bright-cut finishing. Photo: Azad. sarna.naomi@gmail.com, naomisarnadesigns.com


Naomi Sarna
Second Place, Pins/Brooches
38.5mm x 43.3 mm. 87.5 carat rose quartz, 18K gold, VS diamonds, Montana sapphire, Impreial topaz, Contra-luz opal. Lost-wax carved and gold-cast setting. Photo: Azad. sarna.naomi@gmail.com, naomisarnadesigns.com



Genevieve Yang
First Place, Bracelets
2.0" x 2.5" x 1.75". Fine silver, sterling silver edge, and 24K gold. Spray of flush set VS F plus diamonds, Hand fabricated, forged, roller embossed, keumboo, flush setting. Photo: Hap Sakwa. genevieve@genevieveyang.com, www.genevieveyang.com

Alex Maryaskin Second Place, Bracelets UNTITLED

Alex Maryaskin
Second Place, Bracelets
8". 14K yellow gold, Australian opal, and diamonds. Filigree work, scroll work, and spiral and granulation detail. Photo: Ralph Gabriner. 757-596-0481, www.artoffiligree.com



Nanz Aalund
First Place, Earrings

33mm x 5mm x 26mm each earring. 22K gold and epoxy resin. Corrugated 22K gold is spiraled with epoxy resin cast into the spiral. Fabricated ear clip. Photo: Doug Yaple. nanz@nanzaalund.com, www.nanzaalund.com


TWENTY ONEMarie Scarpa
First Place, Pendants/Necklaces
TWENTY ONE. 3.25" x 3" x 5". 20-gauge Argentium sheet, 3mm Argentium heavy walled tubing, 12-gauge round Argentium wire, 36-gauge 3½% platinum silver wire, 34-gauge 18K yellow gold wire, 7mm 1.51 carat whirlpool cut citrine, 2.5mm round faceted black spinels, 4.5 round white freshwater pearls. Fabrication including sawing and soldering, hand weaving, stone setting and hand polishing, and texturing. Photo: Hap Sakwa. 707-765-6558, www.mariescarpadesigns.com.

Second Place, Pendants/Necklaces
CELEBRATION SPROUT NECKLACE. 25cm x 15cm x 3cm. Sterling silver, Argentium silver, 3mm fresh water pearls. Hand carved wax, lost wax casting, fused, constructed, and soldered. Photo by the artist. info@melissapedersen.com, www.melissapedersen.com.

Miscellaneous Jewelry

BROKEN CIRCLEJeffrey Appling
First Place, Miscellaneous Jewelry
BROKEN CIRCLE. 17" and 10mm. Sterling silver, 14K white gold, 14K yellow gold plate, 13mm faceted triangular black spinel, 2.0mm black diamonds, and 2mm colorless diamonds. Black rubber neoprene. Carved, cast, fabricated, flush set and tension set. Photo: Hap Sakwa. 760-322-2883, www.JeffreyAppling.com.

OBJECTRobin Antonsen
Second Place, Miscellaneous Jewelry
OBJECT. 6". Sterling silver hair pin. Constructed, rolling mill, hydraulic press, and patina. Photo by the artist. brightshadow@cheerful.com.


SURFER RINGSJeffrey Appling
First Place, Rings
SURFER RINGS. 15mm x 21mm x 29mm. Silver and copper with paint pigment cross-linked into the upper metal molecules, 2mm diamonds, 7.5mm freshwater cultured pearls. Carved, cast, tension set, flush set, baked. Photo: Hap Sakwa. 760-322-2883, www.JeffreyAppling.com.

SWAYL. Sue Szabo
Second Place, Rings
SWAY. 1.5" L x 0.375" W 1" D. Sterling silver, 4 carat pink sapphires, 0.33 carat burmese ruby. Hand fabricated, tube settings for gems. Photo: Ericka Crissman/Wired Images. www.lsueszabo.com

For information on entering your jewelry in the next competition, click here!

source : jewelryartistmagazine.com


Anonymous said...

I liked the JUBILANT HEART most.but could you tell me what is 'topaz'?

i interest said...

Thanks for your interest ,Imperial topaz is yellow, pink (rare, if natural) or pink-orange.Also there are different type of topaz.You can get more information from here


diamond rings los angeles said...

Beautiful jewelry with a classic description.

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