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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Blinged Out Bluetooth

Jewelry.com, 05/12/2008
Blinged Out Bluetooth

If you're not worried about little things such as a mortgage, bills, car payments, the price of gas or what your friends would say, Jewelry.com has found a little Bluetooth headset that might just be what you've never wanted.
Motorola knows that sometimes practicality can get rather staid, so they've thrown diamonds to the wind and come up with a bluetooth that every blinged out millionaire should have. The Motoral Motopure H12 is no ordinary headset. This one is made from either yellow or white gold and covered with 184 diamonds.
The price - a mere $17,000.


loozegear said...

Wow I am trying to work out how much money I need to be earning so that I can justify spending that kind of money on something I am likely to lose lol

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